Fractional Marketing

I can help as your Fractional Marketing Leader

Not every SME Business can afford a C-Suite full-time marketing executive, especially when the average cost to hire a CMO in the UK is £134,400!

By investing in fractional CMO services, you do not need to worry about paying a high salary or giving up shares, and you still get all the full benefits of marketing leadership. My FMO services start from £3000 p/m.

As your fractional marketing director, I will bring my experience and knowledge as head of business and marketing strategy. Working closely with CEOs, directors, and senior marketing and sales teams, I will dive straight into your day-to-day operation, therefore providing marketing leadership across all key functions of your marketing department.

Why Fractional Marketing is a win-win

Strategic Direction: I will come in on a part-time or short-term basis to establish your marketing function, and take ownership of and drive the marketing strategy. You can expect full commitment to your team.

Reduced Costs: You don’t have to worry about paying the typical high salaries that come with hiring a full-time marketing CMO or director. I will work on a part-time basis, therefore you can expect reasonable costs and 100% commitment.

Short-term commitment: The average contract for hiring a fractional marketing leader is 3, 6 or 9 months.

Guidance for teams: You can rest assured that your marketing team will get the right leadership and direction. If they require training across certain aspects of digital marketing, no problem, I’m happy to coach them.

Fractional CMO Services

Oversee and/or build the marketing function.
Develop and oversee the marketing strategy and plan.
Exploring models and frameworks to better understand your target audience, customers, competition, and value propositions.
Determine short-term and long-term SMART objectives and KPIs
Lead marketing teams and their output
Manage the marketing budget.
Track KPIs and present digital dashboard reporting.
Work closely with sales and other departments to ensure fluidity across departments.
Hiring and onboarding new team members.
Oversee marketing campaigns.
Social Media Management and Content Strategy.
Work with third-party agencies and/or freelancers i.e PR Professionals.
Training and coaching on marketing principles.

If you would like to carry out some further research into the concept of fractional marketing, I recently wrote a detailed guide on it.

Are you interested in my fractional CMO services? Reach out today.